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Born and raised in the ATL. 

A few fun facts about me...

I am originally from Atlanta, GA, USA. My first job out of university was designing lamps and lighting fixtures in China for five months. Innovation, invention and start-up culture get me very excited—I have developed two products with Quirky. In fact, my 15 minutes of fame was getting to feature my kitchen cleaner tool, the Crevice Cleaner (later renamed Groove for the mass market) as a guest on the Rachel Ray Show


I am the sidekick of a corgi named Lucy, who tends to dominate my instagram. I enjoy running, and am very surprised to report that over the last year have become quite fast (at least by my standards). I spend a good amount of my time cooking, reading and meditating. I love learning new things—most recently I spent the better part of the year learning to play bridge. Now, most Sundays you will find me on a porch playing cards with baby boomers. 


My favorite fruit is a perfectly ripe peach.

My resume is available upon request.


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