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A little bit about me.

Originally hailing from Atlanta, GA, I currently call Amsterdam my home. My professional journey kicked off designing lamps and lighting fixtures in China for an intriguing five-month stint right after university.

Fueling my passion for invention and innovation, I've successfully developed two consumer products. Notably, my kitchen cleaner tool, the Crevice Cleaner (later rebranded as Groove for the mass market), had its moment of glory as a featured guest on the Rachel Ray Show—my 15 minutes of fame!

Beyond my professional pursuits, I find joy in diverse interests. Cooking, reading, and various athletic pursuits, and trips to my PT claim a significant portion of my time. As an avid reader and member of two book clubs, I devour over 30 books annually. In my quest for continuous learning, I recently dedicated over a year to mastering the art of playing bridge.

Given my heritage, my all-time favorite fruit is the simple yet exquisite perfectly ripe peach 🍑.

Feel free to reach out for a detailed look at my professional journey—I'll gladly share my resume upon request.


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